Top 5 Advantages of Interactive PDF Presentations

Interactive PDF presentations look like print collateral, function like a microsite and integrate multimedia content onto one cost-effective environmentally friendly file. An interactive PDF Presentation is a dynamic tool that will empower your sales team to sell more strategically.


What the Heck is an Explainer Video? Why do I need one?

Home page video, landing page video or explainer video? Whatever you want to call them, you’ve probably come across the term “explainer video” and wondered “what the heck is that?”

The easiest way to think of an explainer video is like an elevator pitch. An explainer video makes sure that your message is conveyed clearly, consistently and the call-to-action is woven-in to incite action from the viewer, round the clock.


Bring Your Data to Life using Visual Analogies

The best way to visually represent the ideas in your infographic is to depict something in close association with your topic. Analogies are a brilliant way to make it easy for the reader to make connections with your insights. People connect with what they already know well, and analogies can transform your infographic into a highly impactful communication piece, that people will want to read and share!